Giving Thanks

23 Nov

As I log on to Facebook every day, I can’t help but notice my “friends” who have taken the challenge of posting a thankful thought every day in the month of November. Though I didn’t join the fun, there is plenty to be thankful for at LMU.

From the exponential growth over the past decade to the physical plant improvements at LMU, you don’t have to look far to see our blessings. And they are not limited to the main campus in Harrogate, Tenn., expanding staff and resources abound system-wide.

However on the eve of Thanksgiving, I think the University’s greatest blessings continue to be its students. Our students are outstanding. They come from all walks of life and follow in the footsteps of our dedicated alumni who have never forgotten their alma mater.

Many undergrads come here as first generation college students, full of promise, expectation and apprehension. They are brave souls, breaking barriers for their families in search of opportunity to grow their minds and enhance earning potential. For them LMU is THANKFUL.

And we have our legacies as well, children who have followed parents who have followed their parents. The blood in those families really does run blue and grey. For them LMU is THANKFUL.

Not too long ago, the Educational Specialists Degree was the highest degree our students could achieve at LMU. In May we celebrated our inaugural class of Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine. In our system today, we have students pursuing doctoral level degrees in three disciplines – osteopathic medicine, law and education. These students have taken our level of scholarly activity to a new level. They have expanded our world. For them LMU is THANKFUL.

So in a month where we are challenged to come up with 30 thankful thoughts, LMU has 4,550 – OUR STUDENTS.


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