Nursing Convocation tweet, tweet…

16 Dec

Among the nearly 300 graduates who will cross the Tex Turner stage on Saturday will be 133 students from the Caylor School of Nursing, including the inaugural class of the generic BSN program at LMU-Cedar Bluff, ASN students from the Physicians Regional Medical Center Site and MSN grads from both LMU-Cedar Bluff and the Main Campus in Harrogate, Tenn. Thursday the group crossed another stage at the University of Tennessee.

Having grown tremendously over the past decade, the Caylor School of Nursing opted to hold a Winter Convocation ceremony to celebrate its December graduates for the first time. The event was patterned after the Nurses Pinning Ceremony that has traditionally been held in May on the Thursday before Spring Commencement. During the program the BSN and ASN students were pinned by faculty and the MSN students were presented their graduate hoods, which they will be hooded with at Saturday’s Commencement Ceremony.

A first for the CSON, it also marked a first for the LMU PR and Marketing department as I tweeted live updates throughout the ceremony. A late adapter of the social media site, my tweeting is still a work in progress (you can follow me at lmukate). And though I only have 33 followers right now, I looked at it as an opportunity to work some of the bugs out. For instance, I’m still not real consistent with my use of hash tags and mentions and I had never tweeted during an event before so my play-by-play was rusty.

At the end of the day, I’m still not consistent with the use of hash tags, but now I can say that I tweeted an event. I can also say that it is really hard to do that while being the official event photographer. It seemed every time that I had something to tweet, I didn’t have time to collect and organize my thoughts and type out 140 characters. Or if I needed to look up a name or something from the program it was across the auditorium with my camera bag.

Another challenge for me is using my iPhone to tweet. If I’m a late to the tweeting party, I’ve almost missed the smart phone party all together, only getting one when the University issued me an iPhone a couple months ago. I find the touch screen very hard to maneuver and my typing is atrocious. And that makes tweeting from an event without a computer or keyboard hard.

Although it wasn’t pretty, I did manage to send 22 into the Twitterverse during the Convocation. And get some pretty good photos too!



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