Math and Science Center Update

13 Jan


An artist's rendering of the exterior of the LMU Math and Science Center

An email I received earlier this week reminded me that I had not recently provided an update on the major campus building project going on at LMU. While classes were out and offices operated on abbreviated schedules with skeleton crews over the holiday break, the work never slowed down at the Math and Science Center construction site.

In fact, crews pushed ahead in the favorable weather. The roof is on. The parking lots have been paved and are even lined. The exterior brick is complete and all the openings for windows have been covered with plastic as the crews move their attention to the interior.

The parking lots have been paved.


It is no small feat to accomplish this much on the large building. The Math and Science Center will be the largest building on campus when it is complete. At 145,000 square feet it will be approximately 25% larger than DCOM. It will house state-of-the-art classroom, research and office space and be home to the Caylor School of Nursing, DCOM classes, all of the undergraduate science programs and even some classes for the proposed College of Veterinary and Comparative Medicine.

It will house a 400-seat auditoria, microscopy suite and over 4,600 square feet of research labs to enable faculty and students to engage in more research activity. For the undergraduate programs, it will be complete with state-of-the art biology, chemistry and physics labs and classrooms. The building will have complete wireless internet integration and full high definition and digital classrooms. Also planned for the building is a much larger anatomy suite which will accommodate professional and undergraduate students in four pods. It will be poised to provide advanced learning for advanced students.

I hope to get some inside access in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for an update on the interior progress.  Stay tuned!


Additional views of the construction.


A view from DCOM to the Math and Science Center. From this view you can see the progress being made on the new residence halls.



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