Raising the Bar and Setting Goals

9 Feb

No matter where I turn this week, it seems goals keep popping up. It was a major topic of discussion at Convocation on Tuesday when Charleston Southern University President Jairy C. Hunter presented “Essentials of Reaching your Full Potential.”

Dr. Hunter opened his discussion by reflecting on LMU’s theme for the year, Raising the Bar. He acknowledged what a strong theme that was because the world demands our best every day. Dr. Hunter made a special point to say he was not simply speaking the students.

The first step to reaching one’s full potential he said was self evaluation. He related a story about Albert Nobel and how he found he was off course from his goals.

Another step to reaching one’s full potential is knowing and evaluating your goals. Do you know what you what to be known for? Do you know where you want to go in life? Profound questions, right? I know at 34, I am ill equipped to really answer those questions, so I can’t imagine how our college students grappled with the thought.

Dr. Hunter’s next point was equally as profound and really summed up his message. “You can’t play the game if there are no goals.” He made the point quite literally by telling a story of a basketball team which had gotten itself all pumped up and excited for a huge game with its rivals. The team was prepared, it had a game plan, but when it took the floor, the players soon realized that they couldn’t play the game. The reason, there were no goals in the gym. Metaphorically, he was saying if you have nothing to shoot at, you’re not playing the game; if you live your life with nothing to aspire to or pursue, are you really living?



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