Happy New Year!

1 Jul

Now, don’t go running to your calendar, I know that it’s not January 1 and we are in fact in the dead of summer. It didn’t even take the near triple digit temperatures outside to figure that out. But, for LMU today is the first day of a new year.

 LMU, like most universities around the country, operates on a fiscal year that runs July 1 to June 30. So while, apart from near-record heat, today may be just another Sunday for everyone else, it is a new beginning for LMU. For staff members like me, it means a fresh new budget to work with, the start to a new employment cycle and a fresh set of goals to work toward.

Personally for me, it is an opportunity to make some resolutions for this New Year. While a busy schedule full of graduation events, special events and an overwhelming workload has kept me from posting on this blog lately, I resolve to return to my original intent of posting entries daily. After all, there is so much happening at LMU surely, I should be able to find something to write about, photograph or share video of every day.

Another resolution moving forward in my position as senior director of marketing and public relations is to meet and get to know more students. I love this job. I love this place and the people who inhabit it. Too often, my scope is limited to the faculty and staff that I work with. However, if I have learned anything in my six years in Harrogate, it is that we serve some amazingly talented and special students. I hope this resolution results in me sharing some of our students’ stories with you too.

Finally, I resolve to find the fun in all the function around me. Yes, we have a job to do, but who says it has to feel like work? In my former life as a student journalist I interviewed a college basketball coach who told me that his father once advised him to quit his job in the family business because it clearly wasn’t the right fit for him. The coach said, “My father told me if I found a job that I loved I would never work another day in my life. And my dad was right. My first day on the court as a coach something clicked with me and I knew I had found what my dad was talking about.”

 As a junior in high school, the quote stayed with me, but I never truly understood what it meant. It clicked with me somewhere during the last six years. Whether I am taking photos at graduation, moving tables for RAM set up, pitching a story to a reporter about one of our students or writing a blog entry for Abesquare, it doesn’t feel like work. I know there are going to be hard days. I know that faculty members are going to call me with last minute PR requests on days that I don’t have a minute to spare; or that media types are going to ask questions we are not ready to answer; and that inevitably I’m going to be wrong or make a mistake that I will have to take responsibility for. That is life, but that doesn’t mean I have to let the negative out shine the positive.  So, in this new year at LMU I challenge you to join the fun and stop by daily for updates.


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