Moving Day!

7 Jul

Well not exactly moving day, more like moving days, weeks and months. That is because it is going to take days, weeks and months to totally move in all the people, departments and programs that will live in the new Math and Science center. The good news is that some moving has commenced.

The exterior of the building has looked complete for weeks now and indeed all but the landscaping and external signage is complete. The 140,000-square foot building, which is roughly 25% larger than the LMU-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, is slated to be complete later this month. It is still a work in progress with interior work continuing daily.


Nearly all of the anatomy tables in the four-pod anatomy lab are in place.

But, moving trucks have also been visiting the new facility daily. The large, four-pod anatomy lab is nearest to being moved-in. The anatomy tables have been moved and the faculty and staff offices are furnished and ready to go. The largest lab in the building, the anatomy lab has been a priority as a July 24 deadline looms.

July 24 is the first day of orientation for the LMU-DeBusk College Osteopathic Medicine Class of 2016. That day, LMU will welcome over 225 new osteopathic medical students and the Math and Science Center is integral in the LMU-DCOM class size increase as current facilities in the LMU-DCOM building are not large enough to accommodate the numbers. The good news is that judging by these photos, everything seems right on track to meet the deadline!




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