Strategic planning: Day 2

12 Jul

The second day of strategic planning opened with Dr. Clayton Hess, vice president for academic affairs, reviewing LMU’s institutional goals and mission statement. Next, he gave the group as a whole the instructions for the break out groups.

There was some table moving and chair shuffling as the individual groups got working on updating their specific strategic goal. The strategic goals, though tied to the University’s mission and institutional goals, are different in that they are specific goals with action items and responsible parties identified. I was placed in the Goal 1 group which was chaired by Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Evelyn Smith and consisted of all the academic deans on campus.

I’m sure I was placed in this group so I could be aware of the new programs and emphasis that individual schools and programs are working on. And I did learn about some new and exciting opportunities the University is exploring. As the University prepares to seek a substantive change with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges to become a Level VI institution, it was only natural that research becomes a focus. What I hadn’t fully realized was how much program growth and opportunity the Level VI accreditation provides.

Something that wasn’t new to me was the concept of the proposed College of Veterinary and Comparative Medicine (CVCM). The proposed CVCM, which has been in the Strategic Plan for several years, will become a primary focus for LMU in the coming 12-18 months. The University has completed a feasibility study and has begun the initial accreditation process. As such, a lot of University resources and planning time will be spent on developing this new program.

As the day progressed and we moved through Strategic Goal 1, I started to move around and jump from group to group. I visited the technology group and worked on how Sigmon Communications should be integrated in the marketing aspects for the University. I also popped over to University Advancement to join the discussion on strategic goal six which includes the PR and Marketing section.

With day two coming to a close, all that is left is group leaders to present their changes to the entire group. I, for one, am looking forward to see what LMU’s plans are for the next one-five years. I also can’t wait to get back to my office and get started mapping out the marketing for all these new and exciting projects and programs!





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