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It’s Homecoming Week

10 Oct

It’s homecoming week at LMU and that means lots and lots to do. In addition to the full slate of homecoming releases, currently tracking at nine with all the halls of fame inductees and alumni awards, there are special events to attend and photos to take. No matter how busy the week gets, Homecoming will always be one of my favorite times at LMU.

I love that it always falls in Fall, which is when our fair campus is at its most beautiful.  I love the camaraderie that oozes from the University Advancement crew. When you put together as many events in such short period of time as this group does, you have to work together. Plus the UA staff is known for dropping everything to assist each other and not only get the job done, but get it done the right way. And of course when you are working as many hours over a short period of time as Homecoming requires, at some point someone is going to get slap happy, and comedy will ensue. I can’t wait for that!

Perhaps, the best part of Homecoming is seeing LMU’s proud alumni return to Harrogate. It’s amazing to see all the relationships that began right here and to hear all about the shared history of this academic learning community. It’s also inspiring to see what our alumni have been up to since graduation.

This could possibly be the biggest and best Homecoming yet. The Governor of Tennessee is going to be here to help us dedicate the Math and Science Building; retired MLB pitcher Scot Shields will be on campus for the first time in five years; and the weather forecast is looking perfect.

Bring on Homecoming.  We’re ready and waiting.