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Should it stay, or should it go?

2 Aug

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick… In 18 days incoming freshmen will be arriving at LMU to move in their home away from home for the first semester of college. Hopefully, the next 17 days will be filled with fun farewells and not frantic shopping and packing.

If you’re still deciding what to bring, here is a handy list hot off the presses from our residential life staff.

What to bring:

  •          Linens – Sheets, towels and blankets are always a must. It never hurts to have back-up either so consider bringing two sets. Don’t forget the mattress cover!
  •          Toiletries – Let’s file this under DUH! Who doesn’t want to be clean? I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first student to roll out of bed, into so sweats (or not) and rush to that early class. But at some point a shower will be necessary so don’t forget the soap!
  •          Shower shoes and robe- Our apartment-style residence halls have private bathrooms, but anyone living in Liles or West should be prepared to head down the hall for a shower. Streaking is never ok at LMU, not even on the quad (yes, I’m talking to you Will Farrell).
  •          Curtains – All rooms are equipped with mini-blinds, but why not make your room more like home and infuse your sense of style? Embrace your inner interior designer.
  •          Answering Machine – Do they even make these anymore? Seriously, it’s on the official Residential Life list, but I would say isn’t that what cell phones are for?
  •          Telephone – All rooms have phone jacks if you would like to have a land line.
  •          Small Refrigerator (3 cubic feet or less) – Get a jump on gaining the freshman 15 with your very own snack bar for study breaks!
  •          Personal Computer – Wireless or wired internet is available in all the residence halls. How else are you going keep up with your friends on Facebook, I mean, burn the midnight oil on term papers?
  •          Television – We know you want your MTV and guess what? Cable is FREE!
  •          Coffee Makers – There is no Starbucks in Harrogate, so be your own barista (no espresso machines )
  •          Popcorn popper
  •          Wall hangings – Back to your inner interior designer. Don’t forget your favorite posters, painting and pictures of friends. Just be sure to check out the innovations from 3M and Scotch for hanging without putting holes in the walls. No nails please.


What should stay home:

  •          George Foreman Grills – Leave the champ at home. Besides, our World of Wings café can carter to any craving.
  •          Candles, incense, hot plate, toaster oven – We like our Railsplitter Athletic teams to be on fire, just not our dorms!
  •          Microwave – they are available in common areas is Liles, West and LP
  •          Pets – Unless it is Fido the fish, Fido must stay home.
  •          Weapons (guns, knives, archery) – we support your right to bear arms, just not on University grounds.
  •          Fireworks — Again, fire is bad.
  •          Alcohol – We’re dry like the Mojave Desert
  •          Drugs – Just say no!
  •          Halogen Lamps


So now you know what should stay and what should go!

Eighteen days! See you then.