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The Roundabout is complete!

15 Aug

On August 4, my blog post (https://abesquare.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/potato-patato-rondabout-rotary/) was all about my irrational fear of roundabouts. Well the day has come for me to conquer that fear as the LMU roundabout connecting the DCOM Hill to the drive to Business Education and the Tex Turner Arena on Mars-DeBusk Parkway is now open. Never one to shy away from admitting when I’m wrong, I will now go on record as saying “I love the LMU roundabout.” It was actually fun to drive today. As long as you follow the signs, I don’t think anyone would have trouble with it. Just beware of the MONSTER speed bumps on your way to (or from) DCOM. Happy Driving!

Follow the signs.