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College Search 101

25 Jul

As the heat cranks up and summer winds down, it is easy to get caught up in back-to-school buzz. Shopping for clothes and mapping out the perfect schedule for afterschool activities are probably at the top of everyone’s list, but if you are a rising high school junior or senior a college search plan should also be on your radar. Below are some simple college search tips to keep in mind.

  • It’s easy to start a search looking at brochures or searching the internet. Get more personal. Start with yourself. Make a list of what you like or dislike. This list will become the map for your search.
  • Once you have a list of your basic interests and abilities, start thinking about more complicated issues. How do you learn best—by listening, discussing, reading, doing? Do you enjoy being part of a large group, or do smaller groups suit you better? Do you seek out diversity among your friends, or would you rather hang out with people that are very similar to you?
  • Now that you have some basic ideas of what you are looking for, start looking at those brochures that keep filling up your mailbox.
  • Get organized: create a filing system with folders for each college you are interested in.
  • Gather supplies: colored markers, sticky notes, resume paper, envelopes in various sizes and don’t forget stamps.
  • Get a Calendar: Track important dates like admissions deadlines, open houses, financial aid deadlines and testing dates.
  • Create Contact Lists: include addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and URLs.
  • Organization is the key. It will also help form good habits that will pay off during college.