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Knights Return!

19 Aug

The J. Frank White Academy kicked off the school year on Monday. Following a pretty standard summer filled with trips and summer jobs, the Knights headed back to class at the college preparatory school with some changes to adjust to. Following years of a standard schedule with six 55-minute classes each day, a modified block schedule has been adopted for the new school year.


Principal Jarryd Boster

Principal Jarryd Boster said, “Our instructors told me that there were more lab activities they wanted to do in science, but that the class period was too short to accomplish it,” Boster said. “We looked for ways we could enhance our students’ experiences and strengthen our curriculums. The modified block schedule delivers on all counts.”

The block schedule extends the school day by an hour and half with class in session from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Two class periods per day are extended to 90 minute sessions.

The students, though not bursting with excitement, don’t seem to mind the longer class time.




Along with a longer school day, the Knights were also greeted by a brand new student lounge. Breaks have been built into the day, including one 20-minute break toward the end of the day. The new student lounge includes a snack bar where students can purchase snacks to get them through the day. Beyond the snacks, the longer break gives students the opportunity to socialize, study or check email in the media center.


JFWA Students Hunter Carroll (left) and Trevor Wiley (right) use their 20-minute break to play some chess.