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LMU welcomes Japanese students

21 Mar

LMU-Kanto Program Director Curtis Klinghoffer greets the Kanto International High School Students during orientation on Tuesday.

The long journey was complete Monday night as 57 students and two teachers from Kanto International Senior High School in Tokyo, Japan, arrived at Lincoln Memorial University. The group was met by LMU’s Kanto Program Director Curtis Klinghoffer, Assistant Director JoAnn Russell and a handful of residential life staff members to help move them into the rooms that will be their home for the next seven weeks.The English immersion program began in earnest on Tuesday morning with orientation. LMU President Dr. B. James Dawson, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Evelyn Smith, Dean of Students Frank E. Smith and Director of Housing Leslie Chumley were among the administration to greet the students during orientation. In addition to the well wishes from LMU brass, the students were introduced to their instructors, received their class schedules, went on a campus tour and were issued IDs. After lunch in the LMU dining hall, the students were given the afternoon to explore campus and get acquainted with the area. Several found their way to the LMU softball game for their first truly American experience.

Kanto Instructor Kathy Francisco gives a group of Kanto students a campus tour during orientation.

Students have come annually to LMU from the Kanto International Senior High School since the LMU-Kanto Program began in 1979. This group of 57 students will spend the next six weeks engaging in rigorous, immersive English studies and an extracurricular cultural program that exposes them to the richness of the culture of the Appalachian region. In addition, the group will take a three-day excursion to Washington, D.C. The students also make home stays with host families.

The home stay involves a family welcoming a Kanto student into their home for a weekend. The encounter begins with the family picking the student up Friday evening. The student must be back to campus some time on Sunday. The LMU-Kanto Program is still looking for families to host students this spring. Russell, who coordinates the home stays, says the students are looking for anything more than a look at a typical weekend at home. “They really want to see what is like to live in an American home. They aren’t looking for any big exciting side trip or anything. They are here to learn English and experience our culture.”

As much as the students gain from this experience, the benefits are reciprocal: the entire LMU community is enriched by the presence of these Japanese students who teach about their own customs and traditions.

Knights Return!

19 Aug

The J. Frank White Academy kicked off the school year on Monday. Following a pretty standard summer filled with trips and summer jobs, the Knights headed back to class at the college preparatory school with some changes to adjust to. Following years of a standard schedule with six 55-minute classes each day, a modified block schedule has been adopted for the new school year.


Principal Jarryd Boster

Principal Jarryd Boster said, “Our instructors told me that there were more lab activities they wanted to do in science, but that the class period was too short to accomplish it,” Boster said. “We looked for ways we could enhance our students’ experiences and strengthen our curriculums. The modified block schedule delivers on all counts.”

The block schedule extends the school day by an hour and half with class in session from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Two class periods per day are extended to 90 minute sessions.

The students, though not bursting with excitement, don’t seem to mind the longer class time.




Along with a longer school day, the Knights were also greeted by a brand new student lounge. Breaks have been built into the day, including one 20-minute break toward the end of the day. The new student lounge includes a snack bar where students can purchase snacks to get them through the day. Beyond the snacks, the longer break gives students the opportunity to socialize, study or check email in the media center.


JFWA Students Hunter Carroll (left) and Trevor Wiley (right) use their 20-minute break to play some chess.




Tennessee Tax Holiday-Ready, set, SHOP!

5 Aug

In case you have been stuck under a rock and haven’t heard, this weekend is the Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday. No, it’s not a weekend set aside to celebrate the extra 9.25% Tennesseans pay the state on every purchase we make. It’s a welcome break from that 9.25%.

The state’s Annual Sales Tax Holiday is held every year on the first Friday in August and ends the following Sunday night. It’s a measure Tennessee has taken to ease the stress that back-to-school places on residents’ wallets. The Tax Holiday is valid on clothing under $100, school supplies under $100 and computers under $1,500.

Tennessee is not the only state that closes their coffers for a weekend. Virginia’s Tax Holiday is also taking place this weekend.

Not reserved for parents and students alone, everyone who purchases clothes, school supplies or computers will save money. Most retail stores and shopping malls are offering even more incentives to draw shoppers in.  It is the perfect opportunity for college students to get prepared to head back to campus.

Though students are mainly on their own in college with no supply lists from the professors, there are still some key supplies to stock up on. Class supplies like pencils, pens, notebooks and highlighters are a given. So are the wardrobe staples – jeans, sweats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, underwear and pajamas. It’s also a good idea to purchase some jump drive (memory sticks, USB drives etc.), batteries, blank CD/DVDS and a good calculator. Other items to think about include 3M Command Hooks (to hang things in your room), a cork board, a ruler, dictionary, paper clips/binder clips, a power strip with surge protector, folders, sticky notes and scissors.

The College Board has a complete check list to get you ready to get back to class. It’s available at http://www.collegeboard.com/student/plan/college-success/9763.html and can even be printed out to take on your shopping adventure. Happy shopping!!