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LMU welcomes Japanese students

21 Mar

LMU-Kanto Program Director Curtis Klinghoffer greets the Kanto International High School Students during orientation on Tuesday.

The long journey was complete Monday night as 57 students and two teachers from Kanto International Senior High School in Tokyo, Japan, arrived at Lincoln Memorial University. The group was met by LMU’s Kanto Program Director Curtis Klinghoffer, Assistant Director JoAnn Russell and a handful of residential life staff members to help move them into the rooms that will be their home for the next seven weeks.The English immersion program began in earnest on Tuesday morning with orientation. LMU President Dr. B. James Dawson, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Evelyn Smith, Dean of Students Frank E. Smith and Director of Housing Leslie Chumley were among the administration to greet the students during orientation. In addition to the well wishes from LMU brass, the students were introduced to their instructors, received their class schedules, went on a campus tour and were issued IDs. After lunch in the LMU dining hall, the students were given the afternoon to explore campus and get acquainted with the area. Several found their way to the LMU softball game for their first truly American experience.

Kanto Instructor Kathy Francisco gives a group of Kanto students a campus tour during orientation.

Students have come annually to LMU from the Kanto International Senior High School since the LMU-Kanto Program began in 1979. This group of 57 students will spend the next six weeks engaging in rigorous, immersive English studies and an extracurricular cultural program that exposes them to the richness of the culture of the Appalachian region. In addition, the group will take a three-day excursion to Washington, D.C. The students also make home stays with host families.

The home stay involves a family welcoming a Kanto student into their home for a weekend. The encounter begins with the family picking the student up Friday evening. The student must be back to campus some time on Sunday. The LMU-Kanto Program is still looking for families to host students this spring. Russell, who coordinates the home stays, says the students are looking for anything more than a look at a typical weekend at home. “They really want to see what is like to live in an American home. They aren’t looking for any big exciting side trip or anything. They are here to learn English and experience our culture.”

As much as the students gain from this experience, the benefits are reciprocal: the entire LMU community is enriched by the presence of these Japanese students who teach about their own customs and traditions.

I am a…

19 Mar

Last year, LMU rolled out three new television spots. The 30 second spots were aimed at promoting the Caylor School of Nursing, the Carter and Moyers School of Education and the DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine. They were the first in a series that will ultimately include a total of eight spots on LMU and its individual schools and programs. The spots are written by Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations Kate Reagan and produced in conjunction with WBIR-TV in Knoxville where they will also air. WBIR’s Michael Wiseman directed and produced the two of the four current spots. This week, LMU unveiling the next installment…

I Am a Lawyer.

Lincoln Memorial University 2012 Law Program from Michael Wiseman on Vimeo.

A close call, close to home.

11 Mar

If you have ever visited Kresge Hall or been to a University Advancement event, then likely you know who Angela Jordan is. If not, you are missing out. This remarkable woman puts all of us at UA first. She never ceases to lend a hand, help out or just listen to whatever may be on your mind. Her official title is administrative assistant to the vice president for University Advancement, but she really does so much more than assist for our entire division. More than just an assistant, Angie mothers us all.

No matter how many times she has been recipient of one of my eye rolls when she fusses at me for carrying too much, she still cares enough to chastise me any time I lift more than I should. She often tells me that she doesn’t care if I think I can do it, she knows that I shouldn’t. There is never a day that I leave work without her telling me do drive safe and take care.

When the devastating storms hit Harrogate on Friday, March 2, 2012, Angie’s house was struck by one of the tornados that ravaged neighborhoods across the street from LMU. She and her husband were thankfully unharmed, but the house and property sustained much damage. Angie asked me to help her thank the community who came to her aid. She said that she felt a thank you card wasn’t enough and wondered if I would print something in our University newsletter, CampusLinc, which I assured her I would. I also encouraged her to share with me her story and the following is just that…


What’s Happening: Ipad give-away

4 Sep

Congrats to Dean of Admissions Sherry McCreary who won an Apple IPad 2 in the University Advancement payroll deduction drawing. To be eligible for the drawing faculty and staff had to make a new/increased payroll gift through payroll deduction. Over 20 new pledges were made during the drive.

Women of Service

23 Aug

As undergraduate and graduate classes at LMU got underway this morning, the University also launched a new initiative, Women of Service.

University Advancement invited alumni, friends and donors of LMU to invite other women to a special luncheon at Club LeConte in Knoxville.  The goal was to start a group of women to pursue service opportunities on behalf of and benefiting the University and its students. Gathered on the 27th floor of the First Tennessee building, not even the swaying of the earthquake could shake this group (for the record I didn’t feel anything, but there were those in attendance who said they could).

LMU Vice President for University Advancement Cindy Whitt presents her vision for LMU Women of Service.

Vice President for University Advancement Cindy Whitt kicked off the program, presenting her vision for the group as well as highlighting a handful of LMU alumnae with strong records of service. Whitt defined the mission and purpose of Women of Service as encouraging women to live with passion while serving others.

Service may seem self explanatory, though sometimes it is difficult to define and not everyone looks at service the same way. Dr. Natalie Shirley, assistant professor of anatomy at LMU-DCOM, was the featured speaker at the luncheon and she did a great job explaining how service can mean different things. She went on to tell her story of service.

LMU-DCOM Assistant Professor of Anatomy Natalie Shirley

Shirley, beyond being a brilliant professor and dedicated teacher, is a rising star in the world of forensic anthropology. Her area of expertise is skeletal maturation. She has studied in the world renowned University of Tennessee Anthropology Department and now serves the international community with her involvement in training forensic team in Columbia. She has spent a lot of time in Columbia teaching her counterparts her craft. It’s this work that she counts as her most valuable service to humanity.

Over 140 women from all walks of life came together to brainstorm about what the goals for the program will be.  The thread that ran through most of the ideas was mentorship for LMU students. There were many different ways mentoring was suggested, but ultimately it came down to a group of professionals reaching out to the students and mentoring them.  

As the group moves forward, the ideas will be fleshed out and a leadership team will be established. The group will next meet on December 1 in Harrogate.